• Grades 2-8: Dunkirk Benchmark Assessments (DBA)

    District-created Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM) that monitor student progress toward achieving proficiency on the NYS Learning Standards in ELA and Math. 


    Grades 2-8: Star Reading, Star Math and Star Early Literacy

    Norm-referenced achievement tests in Reading, Math, and Early Literacy.  Used by the District as a universal screening tool, these assessments provide information on screening, progress-monitoring, instructional planning, state standards, and state performance, which allows teachers to use data to drive their instruction and practice, and plan interventions for students that are at-risk of falling below benchmark.



    Identified/Targeted Students


    Tracking of Intervention Services

    Students not meeting the State standards for proficiency (in grades 3-12) may be referred for AIS services. Additionally, students not meeting proficiency in the district’s benchmark assessments may receive AIS services in reading, English Language Arts, and mathematics.  Students receiving Academic Intervention Services (AIS) will be monitored for program effectiveness.