The mission statement of the Dunkirk City School District is:  The mission of the Dunkirk City School District, through mutual cooperation and shared responsibility with the entire community, is to empower all students to clearly perceive their goals while developing their skills, knowledge and values to become life-long learners and independent, productive citizens in a multi-cultural world.
    Our goal at DHS is to build and refine the skills your students have developed since Kindergarten. We want  to ensure that after graduation they meet the collective goal of the district.  Our teachers and staff are dedicated individuals who are working collaboratively to insure our students achieve both academic success AND the ability to be outstanding citizens.
    Every classroom in DHS has the following posted:
    Be responsible with the choices you make

    Always try to do your best

    Cooperate with others

    Get involved with your school and community  

    Treat everyone with dignity and respect

    With cooperation from parents and guardians I believe our combined efforts will produce wonderful and productive individuals!
    Please feel free to call anyone at the high school if you need assistance.  
    Thank you
    Stephen O'Brien, Principal