• Gabriel Bol Deng  Thank You

    Bringingthe Modules to Life… and learning life’s most important lessons.

    DMS seventh grade students studied the book A Long Walkto Water by Linda Sue Park, a novel based on the true story of a “lost boy”of Sudan, as part of the seventh grade Common Core curriculum modules. Thisweek Dunkirk School District had the privilege of welcoming a “lost boy” ofSudan, Gabriel Bol Deng, to Dunkirk Middle and High Schools. 

    Gabriel spoke to our community Thursday night at DHSauditorium. His story of survival was both horrific and triumphant and hismessage of determination, positive thinking, and the power of hope making onecapable of moving mountains, left audience members feeling inspired.

    Gabriel gave presentations to both Dunkirk Middle and Highschools on Friday.  He shared his story,urged students to value their education, to show integrity and accountabilityin all that they endeavor and to believe that they too can move mountains.  The opportunity to meet and learn fromGabriel allowed students to make connections to the curriculum and theclassroom while also learning some of life’s most valuable lessons. A sincerethank you to Mr. Hazen and Mrs. Cameron for helping to make this visitpossible!


    Our studentsreflect on Gabriel’s visit~

    “A 90-10 attitudemeans believing 90% you can control in your life and that only 10% is out ofour control.” K.I.


    “The thing I likemost was when Gabriel said he had hope. I will never forget how he goes back to Sudan to build schools and drillwells.” N.M.


    “The thing I willremember is that his parents said he could move Mount Kilimanjaro and thatchanged his life.” J.B.


    “The mostimportant thing I Iearned was never give up hope.” J.I.


    “Gabriel is like ahero and those kids in Africa must be very thankful for him.” N.O-M.


    “The mostmemorable thing was about moving Mount Kilimanjaro and the power of hope.  This is a message I will share with othersthrough times of trouble.  This messagewill stay in my heart at all times.” A.S.


    “The mostimportant thing to me was about always believing and having faith to succeed. Iwill never forget it. I wish I could help give people of Africa everything wehave in America.” A.C.


    “The thing I willremember is “don’t lose hope!” C.A.


    “I just want tothank you for that inspiring speech at the Middle School today.” N.B.