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Mrs.Lovern                                               Mrs. Farley      
Occupational Therapist                    Occupational Therapy Assistant   
Occupational Therapy Department
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Fine Motor
Visual Motor  Integration                                                      Visual Perception 
Writing is a complex task that involves much more than just holding a pencil or pen. It requires good head and shoulder stability to position the forearm and wrist correctly, adequate touch skills to feel the position of the pencil in the hand, and visual perception skills to see and form letters correctly. Many children have problems with handwriting because difficulties in one or more of these areas.   Sited from                                  
Did you know?
Children who spend more time crawling tend to have better fine motor  abilities and writing skills. Some other ways to strengthen hands include: hanging from a  monkey bar, playing with putty or playdough, wheelbarrow walking, playing in the sand, and making homemade bread (dough). Sited from
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