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Check out the sites below to practice mouse maneuvers and click and drag.

This is a great website.  It provides good information on basic mousing skills.

You can change the items to click on as well as the size.
This site has some great download!  Some I recommend are Larry's Animals, Hop Pop Town, Kewl Kids Train.  Jungle Mouse gives you a trail so that you can watch where the mouse is going/has been.
This is a wonderful site.  There are some great online books.  You can click on the words and the computer says them as well as moves through the books by clicking on arrows.
This site has a variety.  Some require clicking a dragging.  Dress up Mixy is only clicking.  Otherwise a lot of these may be higher level.
This is a coloring page. You click on a picture.  Then click on the colors and click on the areas of the picture you want that color.
There are some nice coloring pages on this site as well.  Maybe easier and more interactive than the one above.
This site has some strange activities similar to Mr. Potato Head.  You just have to click on items to choose what you want to put on the face.
You can use some of the features of this site without purchasing a membership. (Some schools are members to this site so you might want to ask your school librarian.)
More online books that use mousing.

If your student likes teletubbies this is the place!  There are a variety of simple mousing activities.  Tubby Custard Bubbles is a nice one if you have a student working on moving and manipulating the mouse and then clicking.

This is a great little page with mousing practice.  There are online practice activities or downloadable activities.

This is similar to the program above.  Very simple mousing practice with few distractions.

This has a variety of links on it for activities for elementary students.


Young children who are just beginning to master the hand-to-eye coordination necessary to use a mouse might enjoy this rubadub site.


Practice clicking with Mix and Match on-line games with Billy Bear.


Mouse Practice has lots of activities to use with kids when they are learning how to use a mouse. They cover, click, drag, hold down, scroll... all in fun and interactive ways. Some great graphics.


Reflex is a game that will improve your speed and accuracy when working with a computer mouse. (This must be downloaded.) Provides a game that is available to download.


Burlington County Library provides introduction to pointing and clicking.


Shambles provides a list of various Internet sites with links for providing skills in using a mouse. Also- links for specifically designed for left handers!


This is a simple and fun game to practice basic mouse skills.  You do not have to be able to click at the initial stage.


These are simple games to help practice drag and drop with a mouse.

Simple online activities to practice a variety of mousing techniques.
-good for older students to teach dragging, etc.
Click on the creative tab at
Moms and Kids Playground Variable levels. Just bookmark the activities you like.